EmerSSL InfoCard is a decentralized distributed "business card" system on the Emercoin blockchain that complements EmerSSL's passwordless logins, allowing website profiles to be automatically populated. InfoCard has the ability to organize information in a hierarchical structure, which can be useful for quick content updates to all cards within companies or other organizations.

InfoCard is a kind of "business card system on the blockchain" that contains information about its owner, such as email address, phone number, date of birth and so on. InfoCard can be used on sites with EmerSSL authorization to automatically populate account details, This means that rather than entering personal details every time you create a new online account, you can provide your InfoCard virtual business card to fill in the data.

Creating an InfoCard

  1. Download the necessary scripts (or see for the latest development release).

  2. Next, rename the file in to infocard_<your_login_name>.info and change the data to your own. If you prefer not to provide data for some things, just remove the line. Sample data:

Alias superabdul # Short name (username, login) 
FirstName Abdul # First (short) name 
LastName Kurbashi Bey # Remain part of full name 
Sinan Pasa Mah. Hayrettin Iskelesi # Free form address 
Sok. No \#1 # Free form address 
Besiktas, Besiktas # Free form address 
Istanbul # City
34353 # ZIP code 
Turkey # Country 
HomePhone +90-555-123-4567 
WorkPhone +90-555-123-4568 
CellPhone +90-555-123-4569 
Gender M
Birthdate 1991-05-27 # May, 27, 1991 
Email [email protected] 
Facebook Abdul.KurbashiBey
Twitter AbdulKurbashiBey 
EMC EdvJ7b7zPL6gj5f8VNfX6zmVcftb35sKX2 # Emercoin payment address 
BTC 1MkKuU78bikC2ACLspofQZnNb6Vz9AP1Np # BitCoin payment address 
  1. Go to the X509 folder and run
$ cd downloads/X509
$ ./ infocard_<your_login_name>.info

In Windows, run by double-clicking the file info_crypt.bat and enter the InfoCard name:


If all goes well, the output will contain a message like this:

Please, deposit into Emercoin NVS pair:
Key: info:e120319a479f4ac4
Value: body of the file: infocard_<your_login_name>.info.ze

To link your EmerSSL certificate to this info file, run ./ and use value for UID: info: e120319a479f4ac4: ac7c3821f171b6a8bd8cd33d829f5b

Please note that this information is not stored anywhere, so it is advisable to keep a record in a text document.

  1. The next step is to import the business card to the network. To do this, open your wallet and go to the tab Manage Names. In the Name box, copy our Key, info:e120319a479f4ac4. In the Value field, paste the contents of the file *.ze, which should be in the scripts folder. The contents of the file will look like gibberish - and should, this is normal. The New address field should be left blank.

Wallet Appearance

Click submit and you're done!

  1. Now, return to the EmerSSL Guide.